• Investing in apartment for rent in district 2 should or should not?

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    Is an apartment project in District 2 suitable for investment?

    Apartment for rent in district 2 is the name most sought after by investors in the past. The project possesses many outstanding advantages with convenient transportation location, high-class living facilities, high-class living standards, and a good potential for price increase. The above advantages help apartments for lease in District 2 are not only suitable for long-term investment but also an ideal project for rental.

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    The rental market in district 2

    This article, an expert group of apartments for rent in district 2, will analyze the appropriate advantages for investing in this project.

    To assess whether an apartment is suitable for rental or not? We need to find out the following:

    Where is the rental building located? Is the demand for rent in that area great?

    What are the utilities and living space?

    What is the rental price for the area there and surrounding areas? What is the annual rate of return on rental?

    If the above factors are satisfied, that project will be a potential project, making money for investors to rent.

  • Who is the tenant of District 2?

    Renters of apartments in District 2 must first be those who have high and stable incomes, wishing to rent houses at 1500USD - 2500 USD / month. Are looking forward to living in a high-class living environment, many utilities, location near the river, cool fresh air. But not too isolated from the city center.

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    In our opinion, potential tenants in District 2 of the project will be entrepreneurs, young knowledge, experts living and working in District 2 and surrounding areas such as Thu Thiem and Binh Thanh. , District 1 and District 3.

    Apartment for rent in district 2 is the western village of the city, with a large foreign community, so foreigners who are planning to stay in Vietnam will also choose this place to rent. weak.


    Is the location of apartment for rent in District 2 suitable for investment?

    District 2 is located right in front of Vo Truong Toan street, just steps away from Hanoi Highway and Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien. The project is located between two key intersections of Rach Chiec - Cat Lai city and the intersection of Saigon Bridge - Nguyen Huu Canh. In this position, residents of apartments for rent in District 2 will easily move to the central districts and surrounding areas, time and travel distance are significantly shortened.


  • how find an apartment for rent in district 2 to surrounding residential areas

    Utility connection chart around District 2 apartments for rent

    This will be an ideal project for residents working in District 2 and surrounding areas to choose to live. Here is the travel time from District 2 project to some locations in the city:

    Apartment for lease in district 2 bedroom
    • Customers working in Thao Dien, Thu Thiem: 3 -5 minutes to move
    • Customers working in District 1, Binh Thanh: 4 - 7 minutes to move
    • Customers working in high-tech areas, international universities: 10-15 minutes.
    • Customers working in District 7: about 15-20 minutes to move.

    Currently, the area around the apartments for rent is also gradually attracting goods, and the price increases suddenly because the demand for rent tends to increase rapidly. In the future when the city grows one more step, the number of immigrants is quite large, choose DISTRICT 2 to invest in leasing right now is an extremely reasonable plan. Secondary investors will take a leap forward, gaining significant profits.


    Fresh environment, quiet, cool air

    Thao Dien is a land of the upper class, where many luxury apartments are concentrated in District 2. Typically such as The Estella, Cantavil, Merita An Phu, Gateway Thao Dien ... projects are always appreciated by customers. about location, utility, interior design.

  • Apartment for lease District 2 looked at the soup

    Currently, the People's Committee of District 2 has suspended the license to build high-class apartments in this area because the land fund for construction of high-rise apartments located near the river is almost gone. DISTRICT 2 is the last project located near the river. In the future to find a project of owning high-class 5-star facilities, located at the river's edge, we are afraid to be a bit difficult.

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    • DISTRICT 2 has a habitat considered to be desirable. Located in a position near the river, only 200 meters from the banks of the Saigon River, a peaceful living space suitable for relaxation. With a clean living environment, District 2 will be preferred by many customers, especially foreign customers.


      Apartment rental area nearby

      Currently, the prices for high-class apartments in Thao Dien and An Phu and An Binh areas range from 1300 - 2500USD for 1 to 3 bedroom units. Currently the number of apartments for rent is Full because the demand for rent in this area is quite large. Tenants are mostly foreigners.


      Cantavil rents 1500 - 1800 USD depending on the type of area, Pearl is also keeping quite high rents 1200 - 2000 USD. Metteri and The Estella are occupying the most occupancy rates with rents ranging from 1500 to 2500 USD / month.

      With such a price line, the rate of profit in the rental segment in this area is accounting for 15-20%.


      In addition, Vietnam has joined the TPP and AEC, so it is indispensable to attract many corporation companies to open their offices here. They are the potential target of investors who rent apartments in this area in general and apartments in District 2 for rent in particular. The market for apartments for rent in the next 2 years, in our opinion, is very large.


      The above is the analysis of investment options for rent of apartment project District 2 for rent. For more information about market information, please contact our leading experts

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